Team VikingTour

Jens Oiestad
Of VikingTour
On the Mongol Rally 2022

Dear unknown rally-friends!                                            I really look forward to join this event! I always has been interested to partisipate, but due to my work as a farmer it has been impossble up to a few years back. But then there was few people in my age able to join me on such a trip, due to health or other restrictions. But now I found a person crazy enough to do this trip without hesitating too much..I have done a lot of driving in 5 continents,. Endurance up to now has been ok. Did drive a tractor from Kristiansand, Norway to Tromsø Norway, in 31,5 hours, 1910 km with an average speed of nearly 61 km/h (but no bordercrossing!)  Did  US from coast to coast 3 times, with  car, not tactor this time. Looking once again forward to meet crazy, interesting rallydrivers!



Two world eksplorers from Norway, female 64, male 75, who love creative madness, met on facebook and decided: Just do it!