Shannon Cox

A big hey, hi, hello from the space cadets over in Ireland here, if you’d would be so kind as to go check our insta out @theespacecadetss that would seriously appreciated! Good luck to everyone.. 

Jennifer Johnston

The Canuck here from Yes We Khan! 
Feel free to follow our instagram @yeswekhanofficial as we get planning and going on getting all our ducks in a row!

Christopher Marr
Of Yes We Khan!
On the Mongol Rally 2022

Yes We Khan! Are here, and we're super psyched for 2022! 2 Scots, 1 Canuck ready to conquer Europe, storm the deserts of the middle east and come face to face with the Mongol horde. 

- We have our team! 

- We've Signed Up!

- We're Mapping the Route (Southern Via Iran & the Stans)


- Getting a Car

- Getting Sponsors 

- Getting hyped AF.

Nathan Shearman
Of Don't Stop Retrievin'
On the Mongol Rally 2022

Okay so now I've had 24 hours to digest the reality that I've signed up for this shindig, I can introduce myself properly. 

My name is Nathan and I'm the team leader for Don't Stop Retrievin'. I'm also chief navigator, head of preparations, media relations, principle of charity collections and mechanic in waiting. Because right now there's just me on board. 

I sent notice out last night to people that this was going ahead and who wanted to join me. I got no responses except from my best friend. And he said he was washing his hair that day. 

No matter! They shall come around to my thinking, and I have a cunning plan which once authorised by The Adventurists HQ I will spring into action. 

By the next update I hope to have made some headway. What I need to have in place are:

- a team

- a car

- a route (rough idea)

- an idea of how the car works and basic maintenance

- ideas for sponsorship

- a wing

- a prayer

Wish me luck! 

Charlie Harrison

Hi all, booked this a couple of days ago without knowing anyone that wants to do it with me, no car and no knowledge of mechanics either! Managed to convince a few friends to come along for the ride- reckon I've wrangled a team of 4. Now just gotta look for a car and work out how to fix it when shit hits the fan! Been a dream for most of us for years and we're already buzzing even this far in advance, can't wait to see you all at the start (and hopefully finish) line- Charlie 22

Asmund Tenai-Haukas
Of Team Beserk.
On the Mongol Rally 2022

My best friend got me into this adventure. He found videos on Youtube and asked if I wanted to join in. Well, I were a bit reserved at first because this Mongol rally is as close you can get to being, and doing something utterly "CRAZY"! He enlisted, and today he called me and asked if I would join in, so why not....would be fun to do something crazy.....We still don't have a vehicle....we went across the country actually to pick up a VW T2, but.....a sad relic of a car it was....engine running on 3 cylinders.....smoking like a chimney.....looked like it had been painted with a paint roller....and house paint (had been used as a "russebil")....and a lot of rust in all the wrong car on this trip....don't even think it would've survived the journey back home, or even if it would be able to climb the mountains on the way back! We left without the T2....
Now my friend and a mutual friend are speculating on using a Landrover! An ex military (will be repainted to avoid bullets and grenades!) and put a 900-1200cc engine in it! How crazy is that!? It's not decided yet, but it looks very plausible.......will it survive the trip, or will we even reach the destination in this relic of a jungle box? Will it be the car we will use, who knows!
We will soon see what we will be driving with to this rally.....
Rally madness.....HERE WE COME!

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