Michael Newman

Cant wait to meet you beautiful maniacs at the check in party in Prague ! LFG.

Richard Nicolson
Of Lost Marbellas
On the Mongol Rally 2025

Twas on the thirteenth of June 2024 that we became the custodians of this mighty Marbella and Team Lost Marbellas was born. She's a 1992, 903cc, acquired from the splendid Ian Elliot in Kinglassie, Fife. We are signed up for the 2025 Mongol Rally so she'll be the daily driver until then. First job is to set the valve clearances cos she sounds like the lost marbles are in the head🤣


Ian saying his final farewell


Poles of Inconvenience Live Tracking Map

Mongol Rally Poles of Inconvenience

You can now follow the teams who have set off this morning to start the Rolling Circus of Inconvenience to the official launch at Czechout. They're led...

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Daniel Wedgwood

Icarus Trophy - Coming to Brazil

The 2019 Icarus Trophy will be fought above the stunning landscape of Brazil. Who's in?

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Joolz Ingram

Make Life Less Boring: In Romania

Your life is looking a bit boring around the edges. And occasionally in the middle. You deserve more than this. Luckily we've got just the thing.


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Joolz Ingram

Monkey Run Facebook Fun

We've got a few Monkey Runs spread around the globe. They produce the sort of pictures and videos to make you pray thanks to the god of eyeballs. All that...

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