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3 friends on a mission, 1 a little crazier than the others, ticking off items from the bucket list they didn't know they had.

Sri Lanka Red Cross Victims Fund

While we were excited to raise money for any of several great charitable options, the decision on whom most needed our support was tragically made apparent in recent weeks. You may have heard of the devastating terrorist attacks that took place in Sri Lanka earlier this year, and there's no group that we feel could use our help more. We can't wait to explore Sri Lanka and we can't wait to do as much as possible to give back to the country welcoming us with open arms. After our first thousand has been banked and 500 is donated to Cool Earth, each and every dollar raised will go directly to the Sri Lanka Red Cross Victims Fund. We look forward to doing what we can to help the hundreds of families who were broken on Easter Sunday.

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