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We are four fresh en fruity summerballs grabbing guys from Belgium.

Team Vehicle

Nissan Micra 1999

Make-A-Wish Vlaanderen

Make-A-Wish is an organization that helps people realizing their own dreams. Specifically, they focus on providing wonderful experiences for children with a life threatening condition. They believe in the healing powers of making wishes come true, as do we!

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Cool Earth

This charity has been supported by the Mongol rally foundation since 2007. Cool earth is involved in rain forest conservation. The participants of the past years have collected considerable contributions but one can simply not support mother earth too much!

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Lotus Children’s Centre

In 1970, this charity started to help abandoned and abused children in Mongolia’s mostly beatiful but sometimes harsh capital, Ulaanbaatar. By now, Lotus Children’s Centre managed to hugely improve the lives of hundreds of children. On our way, we will have a stop at the centre and try to have a humble contribution to this amazing initiative.

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