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Alanna here! Taking on the world's longest & toughest horse race, by far the biggest challenge I have ever set goals for! I have always adored horses and I have 3 of my own right now and if I am not there I am at work, with all the 2yos! Youngsters are definitely my favourite, I enjoy teaching the younger ones, watching them develop and progress through life. Naturally horsemanship is always my preffered way of doing anything and I long to learn more liberty.
I have ridden from a young age, but my most exciting time has definitely been throughout the past 7 years, riding a wide variety of horses of all ages and abilities, over jumps, cross country fences, first shows, dressage, showjumping, hunting and fun rides. I used to work full time exercising large hunters and wacky polo ponies, I then moved on to a competition yard with top quality horses including backing and competing in first shows, and for 3 years I have been riding racehorses, between uni! I am currently on a pretraining yard for Ben Dehaan, receiving and producing top quality horses for high profile trainers and owners, therefore our sole purpose is preparing the 'babies' for the racing world!

The Mongol Derby is the biggest challenge I can ask of myself, all my true passions lie within this race, foremost being semi-wild horses, they are born to roam and if they get a bit excited, well more excitement for me! The vast landscape of Mongolia intrigues me, I love the natural world, I am always looking for new places to discover, whether it be on horse or foot. Last but not least the culture, I love traditional ways of living, being in the wilderness, I can't wait to speak to the true Mongolians, it all seems to good to be true!