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A highly skilled group of three PhD-students from Teddy Hall, Oxford, who coincidently are also mechanically inept, couldn't think of a better way to aquaint themselves with cars than to undertake this adventure. Add to the mix that they also need social skills training, this will surely prove to be a sight to see.

Bone Cancer Research Trust

Too many people know how it feels to lose a friend or loved one to bone cancer. Unfortunately, everyone at Teddy Hall (St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford) knows that feeling all too well. Matthew Greenwood was a third year engineering student (age 21) at the Hall when he became ill. He was first diagnosed with osteonecrosis but it was later found to be a kind of bone cancer. In March of 2016 he rowed for the top boat at Teddy Hall, and later that summer he was given just 9 months to live. Clearly bone cancer can strike anyone at anytime and is difficult to diagnose. That is why we are fundraising for the Bone Cancer Research Trust funds research targeting the development of new bone cancer treatments as well as the reduction of side effects of existing treatments.