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Cool Earth

Why Cool Earth? Well, they say it better than us. "The reality of climate change is no longer up for debate. It is real and it is happening now. Our changing climate is the most pressing challenge facing our world today. Forest loss plays a major part in this, contributing to more than 21% of all CO2 emissions. Keeping rainforest standing is the simplest and cheapest way to mitigate climate change. Despite this, we are destroying the world’s rainforest at a faster rate than ever. Of the world's remaining forests, 46% are fragmented, 30% are degrade and only 24% are intact." Cool Earth partners with indigenous communities in places as diverse as Peru, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea; protecting life in all three rainforest biomes. By monitoring forest health and improving quality of life in these regions, in a manner decided by the local communities, Cool Earth enables indigenous peoples to better protect their land from commercial logging, commercial agriculture and extractive industries such as oil and gas. The Mongol Rally may not be crossing any rainforests, but the effects of climate change are everywhere. It's in the increasing "dzuds" of Mongolia - severe summer droughts followed by winters so unbearably cold that livestock cannot survive. It's in the melting glaciers of Tajikistan, a country that has lost more than 30%. It's in the 300 floods that Kazakhstan experienced in the space of 13 years. And it's in our own country, Australia, too, as we watch the effects of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.