Team Cork To Mongolia




In July 2018 there are 3 of us Ballindangan Animals going to attempt to drive a 98 Suzuki Jimny (1.3) a little over 10000 miles to Mongolia (and maybe back again - that has to be decided) by taking part in the Mongol Rally.

Why? I hear you ask...
Well when else are we going to get the opportunity to see the likes of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
Also we're doing it to raise money for the Cork City Hospitals Children's Club.

Team Vehicle

Suzuki - Jimny

(Gillette 3.6)

Cork City Hospitals Children's Club

We chose to raise money for the Cork City Hospitals Children's Club. They are a non-profit organisation here in Cork that bring sick and deserving children from Cork University Hospital, the Mercy Hospital, St. Gabriel's and the Cork Deaf Association on numerous trips throughout the year, as well as host many fun and exciting events. Some of these trips and events include: - Annual trip to Euro Disney - Christmas at Fota - Monster Easter Egg Hunt in UCC - Fun Cruise on the River Shannon - Regular visits from all the Disney Characters and Clown Duo 'Bally & Wally' to the hospital wards - Trip to Haubowline Naval Base - Holidays for the families of terminally ill children They do fantastic work and we’re delighted to be raising awareness for them.