Team Crazy Ass Climbers


My Partner in Crime (Paul Cottee) and I shall do the possimpible and ride some bikes which we have not yet acquired a very long way, through countries we don't yet have visas for, along a route which we have no idea about.

We are Crazy Ass Climbers and we are raising money for Climbers Against Cancer and Cool Earth.

Even before we met we both had a passion for travelling and doing stupid things.

I (Holly) had no job or place to live for a while so thought it would be a great idea to solo hitch hike to the top of Norway, in the middle of winter (-25 C), with a kids tent I bought for 40 quid, and no money (hence the cheap tent). Turns out it was a great idea! and I didn't spend a single penny, except on a pair of waterproof boots 'cause I was getting frost bite and value my toes more than not being in my overdraft. I haven't passed my full bike licence yet but oh well I'll figure it out =D.

Paul can regularly be found in cold and high places such as the top of Mt Blanc, which nearly lost him his toes coincidentally, (hopefully the Mongol rally will not try to claim our feet fingers). He also likes to go places on his bike, far places, like Alaska and Vietnam because why not! Adventuring is fun. Paul is slightly more prepared having had his bike licence for 11 or so years.

Now we live in an Ambulance with our two bikes because houses are boring.

Together we will do the stupid and fun and get lost on the way to some random town in Russia.