Team Cunning Stunts


Ex Royal Marine, Motocross Rider, Cider drinker, Pasty eater and trader of fine garments



We're boss o' swings m8

Team Vehicle

1.2 X Reg Ford Fiesta

Cool Earth

HALF THE WORLD'S RAINFOREST HAS BEEN LOST OVER THE PAST FORTY YEARS. WE NEED A NEW APPROACH... The only way to halt destruction is to align the future of the rainforest with the people best placed to protect it. This means placing forest in the hands of the people who rely on its survival for their survival. Cool Earth does just that. Cool Earth is a UK-based international NGO that protects endangered rainforest in order to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and to provide employment for local people. Through the Cool Earth website, an individual can donate to support indigenous communities to protect their rainforest. Less than 10% of Cool Earth's supporter income is spent on administration.

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