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Terre des Hommes - Tierra de Hombres (Gizakien Lurra)

We have decided to participate with this NGO because we all have a kid inside. Kids are the future of humanity and the most vulnerables. Our team considers very lucky to have lived and grown in a peaceful environment, with lovely parents, free access to water and food, healthcare,etc... Unfortunately there are millions of kids in the world who struggle with all kinds of problems. We have been devastated to see these in our trips to Africa or Asia. Kids suffering hunger, infinite walks to get something to drink, lack of clothing... Some of Tierra de Hombres/Terre des Homes initiatives are focus on: Child Labour Children in context of crisis, displacement and migration Children affected and in danger of sexual exploitation Mission: To work for the rights of the child and for equitable development, without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. We ask you to help us support this cause and to reach a big amount in order to help as many children as we can in the world!!


Cool Earth

Cool Earth is an organization focus on the salvation of the rainforest. Rainforest are the lungs of Earth, consuming CO2 and converting it into Oxigen. They are home of 40-75% of world species leaving in earth, indigenous population and a bast medicine source. World climate change and deforestation are putting these sacred places for humans and living beings at risk. Half of the world’s rainforest has been destroyed in the last 40 years. And, contrary to the headlines, rainforest continues to be lost at a faster rate than ever. Mission: Cool Earth is the charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Cool Earth currently develops projects around the globe in: ASHÁNINKA-AMAZON (PERU) AWAJÚN (PERU) LUBUTU (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO) ORANGERIE BAY (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) That's why for the generations to come and to help sustain the world we live in, we ask you to help us support this cause and stop this atrocity. Let's create a future together!!!