Team HoneyMoon'Gol'





Will I drop her off on the way to Mongolia! BOOKMAKERS STEP UP!!

Team Vehicle

Fiat Panda 4x4 1.1

Onlus Mariana

The Mariana Onlus is born from the awareness and the vision of people aware of how unjust and humanly unacceptable it can be to look away from the sufferings of the most unlucky and the weakest. And also from the certainty that the gestures of solidarity and good will are instruments of peace and progress, to be opposed as a gentle force to the violence of arms and wars. The struggle to extend solidarity and heal the imbalances between the rich and the poor world as much as possible is a struggle for peace. Every life saved from misery and illiteracy allows us to establish a virtuous mechanism of growth and development that spreads endlessly.