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The Hoppin’ We Make It team comprises of two individuals - Peter McGregor and Denne McHugh. We consider ourselves to be adventurist people with a passion to establish positive change in most aspects of our lives. This is one of the key reasons why we have decided to do the Mongol Rally. Our biggest flaw – having the mechanical acumen of a goldfish.

Starting from some light-hearted discussions one evening, about how we can enact positive change within ourselves whilst giving back, we stumbled on the Mongol Rally – a perfect way to push our comfort levels, become more culturally aware, and engage with people and communities from around the world. With the purchase of our 1999 Daihatsu Hijet for a princely sum of £900, and no power steering and a leaking fuel tank, we knew there was no going back.

Both Pete and Denne grew up in rural Australia and believe the community and spirit of rural life has imparted a deep calling to improve the lives of those around them.

Cool Earth

COOL EARTH'S VISION IS A WORLD WHERE TROPICAL DEFORESTATION AND DEGRADATION HAS NO ROLE IN CLIMATE CHANGE. With half of the world’s rainforest lost over the past forty years, we need a new approach to conservation. The only way to halt destruction is to align the future of the rainforest with the people best placed to protect it. This means placing forest in the hands of the people who rely on its survival for their survival. Cool Earth does just that.