Team Les Escargots



INDIA… on a wing and a prayer

Two of us, George & Richard, are "Les Escargots".
We believe that adventures in life are necessary, but not a right. So we want to do some good and raise some money at the same time.
Practical sort of fellows we think. We'll need to be. It's going to be tiring and we are going to break down... a lot.
Why the name? Well, we both live in Burgundy, the acknowledged epicentre of that strange French habit of turning snails into a gourmet snack, and somehow the snail perfectly sums up the meteoric pace we expect to achieve on our long and bumpy journey.

Cool Earth

We want to raise at least £2,000 for Cool Earth, an environmental charity that works with indigenous communities to protect rainforest that’s in imminent danger of destruction. Its proven method is to help communities to build livelihoods that ensure the people earn more from keeping the forest standing than they would earn from clearing it. “Effective rainforest conservation isn't about buying trees. Or putting up fences. Or writing petitions to save endangered species. It's about real people harnessing their own potential to improve and grow. That's how we keep the rainforest standing.”