Team Los Chokindios

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A Bolivian/Argentinian and a Bolivian/German born and raised in the highlands of Bolivia, used to high altitude and crappy roads. Let's see what the Mongol Rally has to throw at us.

Team Vehicle

2001 Peugeot 106

Project Ajayu

One of the charities we'll be supporting is Project Ajayu, in our home country, Bolivia. Two in every 100 children are born with a heart condition in the Bolivian highlands, 60% of the Bolivian population lives at altitudes over 2500 MASL. Around 85% of children who are not diagnosed and follow proper treatment die before reaching the age of 5. Project Ajayu is an initiative within the Bolivian Children Heart Foundation (Herzverein e.V. ), trying to tackle high child mortality rates, by helping rural doctors increase the diagnosis and treatment of children with heart conditions. Establishing a screening protocol for Congenital Heart Disease and enhancing the medical referencing system and data gathering through digital means.

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