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Mongolian Surf Rescue - No One Drowns On Our Watch!

We are three-fifths of the Dann family, Ash - the brains, Tyler - brawn, and Ollie the poster boy with the gift of the gab. We're just looking for a bit of adventure while we drive through 30ish countries as part of the Mongol Rally, if we can help others in the process, then what a bonus!

Simply put the Mongol Rally is the greatest motoring challenge in the world. This rally will see us thunder (read clunk and splutter) along 16,000 kilometres in our little yellow Surf Life Saving car. Starting in London and finishing north of Mongolia in Ulan-Ude.

To keep things interesting there’s no set route, there's no backup, no air con and there's definitely no support. Just the 3 of us, our kiwi ingenuity and some friendly locals along the way.

All in our tiny 1000cc Suzuki Wagon R (the R stands for recreation)

The entire rally is for Charity! Well actually 2 Charities, the Cool Earth Foundation (the official charity of the Mongol Rally) and also our chosen charity Surf Life Saving New Zealand. All money raised here will be split 50/50 between our two selected charities.

The Cool Earth Foundation is non-profit organisation that works alongside rain forest communities in Papa New Guinea and Peru to help halt deforestation and climate change. They do this by working closely with villages and local experts to better equip the communities to prevent illegal deforestation in their areas. In addition to this they also work with the communities to decide what they need most and how funds are spent – everything from clean water and new classrooms to improved coffee and cacao harvests to help the community even after they foundation has left.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand - Mongolia is a land locked country, making our job as the unofficial Mongolian Surf Rescue pretty easy. Unlike New Zealand where we have a real need for the hard work Surf Life Saving New Zealand does. This charity saves 1000's of lives on New Zealand beaches each year. Which means thousands of people have been given a second chance at life, thanks to surf lifeguards.

If you wish to follow us on our adventure, you can do this through our istagram page @mongoliansurf

The funds will be split 50/50 between The Cool Earth Foundation and Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

Team Vehicle

Suzuki Wagon R

Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Surf Life Saving New Zealand Inc. (SLSNZ) is the charity representing 74 Surf Life Saving Clubs in New Zealand. Around 17,000 people are members of SLSNZ. The 74 clubs are grouped for consultation and programme delivery purposes into local regions. Surf Life Saving is one of the best imports we've ever had from Australia. It was on its long sweeping beaches and in its crashing waves that lifesaving was born in 1906. The traditions that took root there first came to the shores of Lyall Bay and New Brighton in 1910. By the end of the year, four more clubs had sprung up and started patrolling. New Zealand lifeguard wore the same style of costumes and caps as their Australian counterparts. The reels they carried proudly onto the sand were manufactured in Australia and shipped across the Tasman. The story of Surf Life Saving New Zealand is one of extraordinary efforts to save people from the unpredictable seas. For 60 years, that meant teams of lifeguard lifting reel and line to the beach. The reel anchored victim and rescuer together. It also anchored itself in the culture of New Zealand lifeguard. A major shift of thinking was needed to free lifesaving to take to the water with fins and neoprene rescue tubes, rubber rescue crafts, motors, jet boats and helicopters in the 1970s. However, the shift revolutionised lifesaving. It made it more professional, effective and shortened rescue times from hours to minutes. Surf Life Saving in New Zealand these days is now stronger than ever. Every year, hundreds of people are making the same decision as those clubbies back in the 1910. They are joining and origination and family that has seen enormous change in it's over 100-year history. Through the long summer months, the guardians of the beach are ever on the lookout for an upraised hand, ears pricked for a cry for help. The red and yellow flag has remained a symbol of safety in the surf. Though traditions, equipment and practices have changed, one fact has endured: lifeguards are In it for Life.