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Wow! Huge, huge thanks to our ever expanding supporters.. Not long to go now - eek!

Don't forget you can see us @ Kart Fest on the 4th July.

The Prod Exchange Ltd, Nic Wooley, Dave Charters, Ben Webster, Rebecca Jones, David Roberts, Jill Burton, Ellie Johnson, Harry Hague, Janet Hargreaves, Matrix UK Solutions, Greg Scoble, Linda Nevins, Maxine Kenny, Dot Gwyther, Creative Technology UK, DeltaLive, Bec Theobald, James Owers, Darren Hope


Preparation for the Mongol Rally continues in the Nomadic Numpties camp, as the launch date approaches. Visa applications are well underway and it’s taken considerable time to piece together the various requirements for the bureaucrats to chew over… this photo shows the initial applications for Russia & Mongolia.

The third (elusive) member of the Nomadic Numpties has been selected…meet “Dude”, the car buddy who is full of hot air. Here he is trying his hand at driving Poppy the Perodua! Fortunately, he has already applied for his visas, but we are concerned about him being vaccinated and feel he may let himself down, if he needs injections!

Don’t forget we are funding all the costs for the rally - all your donations go straight to the amazing BackUpTech.…

Thank you to our newest supporters: Michael Cole, Christopher Brain, Blackout Ltd., Sally Griffiths, David Coster!

Henrietta Cooper
Of Nomadic Numpties
On the Mongol Rally 2019


The first test post is here across many platforms.

Firstly, a massive shout out to Ewan McRobb, Tracy Jaques, Briony Margetts & Max

Eggert Hobbs (Siamax Power)! Huge thanks for getting the ball rolling with the initial

donations. Everyone still considering donating to our worthy cause, don’t be

intimidated by these hugely generous donations – every fiver counts!

Every single contributor will get their name on Poppy the car & every donation over

£150 will be able to send us a digital logo to stick to our vehicle & make our steed

look more ‘rally’ like!

We have set our initial target at £1000 but would of course love to exceed this. We

are raising the £500 Cool Earth sponsorship separately, so that the absolute

maximum possible can go to our beloved BackUp Tech charity. Also, just to let you

know we are covering the costs of actually taking part entirely by ourselves - that’s

why I worked through Christmas folks!

Currently we are working on visa applications & route planning. Also, the seemingly

impossible task of making Poppy look something like this?! It’s looking like the only

option is to painstakingly cut mirror vinyl into squares & apply individually. Any

volunteers? Please, please if you know any car wrapping experts can you put us in







posh satellite tracking! -

(beta) -


Henrietta Cooper

Load Henrietta

A bunch of no-hopers..driving towards Mongolia with ill conceived optimism

Team Vehicle

Perodua Kenari

Backup Tech

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