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From downhere, the Earth is beautiful - with no frontiers or borders

Federico, Marco, Luca, class of 1985 based in Milan and suburbs. We’re three as the musketeers, the little pigs, the Magi. Travels, sports, beer addicted. Luca works for the entertainment industry and he’s a BJJ (Brazilian jiu jitsu) no chance-enthusiast, but basically every mud-challenging sport is his cup of tea. Marco is a biological researcher, plus he’s a polyglot (rumors want that he has learned “take them” in hundreds of languages) and a fine filmmaker as you can check on our FB official page with his masterpiece “Unveiling the Panda”. Federico is a digital marketing leader, a wannabe Sunday runner and a collector of vinyl and empty bottles.
We stand together as the Power Rangers to form Novy Gagarin, a special team on a mission aboard a Panda renamed Vostok 85.

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Laureus Italia - Sports for Good

Laureus – Sport for Good is a no profit company project developed in 2005 in Milano/Napoli/Roma suburbs with the aim to support with the opportunity of a positive sport attitude a group of children and minors born and raised in social and economic deprivation contexts. In 10 years Laureus has helped more than 5000 children/minors creating 14 different projects and 20 sport initiatives. Laureus aims to create a real network thought to connect sport associations and schools with a team of psychologist and pedagogues with the same goal to realize in the everyday life. Here you can find a 2 cents lens on Laureus today profile: - 1.500 minors (6yrs-18yrs) involved - 130 pedagogues/teacher/coaches yearly formed on the potential of sport as useful educative tool and pedagogical-relational skills developer - More than 40 companies involved in the network: school, sports associations, public/private service industry institutions. There are no games lost from the outset. Novy Gagarin support Laureus – Sport for Good cause we believe in this mission: when the world seems to promote inequality, unevenness and the complete absence of opportunity for the ones who were born in disadvantaged conditions, we firmly trust in sports practice as instrument of inclusion and redemption. A conscious sports practice supported by well prepared coaches, eligible institutions and associations: this is the core idea we’ve found in Laureus Supporting this cause means to guarantee the opportunity to have access to otherwise precluded chances for a minor. Laureus - Sport for Good invests yearly 500€ for every single minor involved in its activities. This amount guarantee and cover all the expenses for a correct psycho-pedagogical support, the insurance coverage, sports equipment and subscription to a sport class. We’d love to help at least three children. But it will be great to do more helping 4 or 5 children. We’re ready to drive a 20years old glorious Fiat Panda till Siberia for this. Are you with us? Are you ready to give a little help for this big cause?

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