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Our vehicle of choice is 1% practical yet 99% sexy, which gives us a 100% success rate for the Mongol Rally. 4 Wheels are for pussies, two wheels are for maniacs, 3 wheels are for refined gentleman explorers in a Reliant Rialto ;-)

ESO (Environment Society Of Oman)

Working in remote locations across Oman for the last 2 years has allowed us to see the extent to which plastic pollution penetrates this naturally beautiful country and the animals living within it. Living and working here, we also respect our duty to give back to the country that has given us so much. ESO helps educate, raise awareness and enable public involvement in conservation efforts of Oman’s natural heritage.They also collaborate in the research of Oman’s biodiversity to help provide the necessary information for conservation initiatives.


ALERT (African Lion & Environmental Research Trust)

Having personally volunteered here and worked with large cats at various organisations previously, we know that any money donated here is used solely for the benefit of the animals with a focus on education. We feel this is the best way to tackle the problem at the source, thereby encouraging genuine, long-term change. “I am extremely proud to represent ALERT, not just because of its forward thinking work to help save the African lion, but because they are looking at the wider issues in conservation on the African continent; looking at the whole eco-system within which the lion lives; trying to find ways to develop management plans that will work in the long term and involving and empowering local communities every step of the way. I am also refreshed by ALERT’s willingness to work alongside other organizations in partnership, to share ideas and draw different people together to try and find the best solutions to face Africa’s challenges” - S i r R a n u l p h F i e n n e s