Team Super Skoda

Andrew Cole
Of Super Skoda
On the Mongol Rally 2018

For anyone as anal as me here arw some statistics:

Overall 38 days from london to Ulan Ude

9,985 miles

31 days driving average mileage 322 miles oer driving day

3 days over 500 miles, longest day 525 miles

Used 1015 litres of fuel (it is possible I forgot to record a fill up)

Consumption, 44 mog or 10 2 litres oer 100 km

26 nights in hotels / hostels

7 camping

3 air bnb

1 on the Caspian Sea ferry

1 Turkmenistan immigration

3 ferries, cross channel, Dardanelles and Caspian Sea.

Highest point in Pamirs 4,650m

21 countries.

Andrew Cole
Of Super Skoda
On the Mongol Rally 2018

This marks the end of an epic adventure. We have visted places we would never normally go to, met some great people locally and fellow ralliers. Some of the spots I would not go back to, however, it had also given me ideas to plan other trips. To mis-quote from Jaws - "we're going to need a bigger car". I have my eyes on a Toyota Land Cruiser! 

James has been great travelling companion, navigator, co-driver and a god send on managing air bnb, maps, and research. Though there is some sense of an anti-climax having finished. Sometimes it is better to travel than arrive. 

We fly to Moscow tomorrow then back home on Friday. 

Thank you everyone who has supported us via Cool Earth and those of you who have continued to read my ramblings over the past 6 weeks. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


Andrew Cole
Of Super Skoda
On the Mongol Rally 2018

We handed over our trusty steed to the clutches of tbe shipping company and russian railways. Feel a bit sad leaving her behind. She has done so well to get us here without any real issues. Overall by the time we dropped her off we had traveled 9,985 miles. 


Will next see her in Harwich. 

Sight seing in Ulan Ude is not up to much.


Andrew Cole
Of Super Skoda
On the Mongol Rally 2018

Wenr to 5he only Buddhist monastry that was sanctioned by Kenin!



Then back for a carwash.


The carpark attendant at our hotel thinks ita Christmas, the car needs to be empty for shipping. We have donated; jerry cans, spare food and othe extra stuff. On the way to the rail head there is a donation point for camping gear so will also do that. 



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