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Uros Napotnik
Of Team Serious Business
On the Mongol Rally 2019

Mongolia is fun!

We got stuck in some soft sand and had to dig our way out. One of the bearings in our rear beam seems to have given up, making horrible noise when we drive over bumps. We took a wrong turn and lost a day. Now were quite cautious, consulting with locals on which route to take.

We are currently in Ulaanbaatar and are heading for the border.

Uros Napotnik
Of Team Serious Business
On the Mongol Rally 2019

There was a bit of everything in Kazakhstan. Bad roads, roads still under construction and some really good roads making long hours of driving slightly easier. Our night were also quite diverse. From wild camping to hotels. And to one really bad hotel.

And yesterday we crossed the border to Russia!

Do enjoy some photos from Kazakhstan. (The night one was my first attempt. Next ones should be better slightly.)


Uros Napotnik
Of Team Serious Business
On the Mongol Rally 2019

Well... The last two days were hard. 27 hours of driving and 20 minutes of sleep.

We took on the northern route to Tavalidara pass. At night. We have enough lights and driving wasn't that bad, really. But it took us 9 hours to from Dushanbe to Tavildara village. The road conditions were a bit tough and our Pierre was cutting out every time I pressed the clutch.

We made a hard decision just up the road from Tavildara. With Pierre not working well and the road trying to kill it, we are not doing the Pamir Highway.

When we turned around at 3 in the morning we still had 9 hours of driving to do... We made it back to Dushanbe and are making plans to reach Kazakhstan ASAP.





Soon... Very soon. As it currently stands, this section will be completed in a few months.