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Three health professionals, a doctor, a nurse and a paramedic drive 1/3rd of the way around the world & across two continants... This is a joke right?
We will be attempting to complete the Mongol Rally in 2019. We have come together in support of Cool Earth to raise awareness of deforestation and the impact it has on thousands of people.
Despite the fact that we are 3 health professionals the work that is done by these lovely people at Cool Earth has a greater impact on more people than we could ever achieve in our careers. Please support them in saving the world :o)

Cool Earth

OUR VISION IS A WORLD WHERE TROPICAL DEFORESTATION AND DEGRADATION HAS NO ROLE IN CLIMATE CHANGE. But with half the world’s rainforest lost over the past forty years, we need a new approach. The only way to halt destruction is to align the future of the rainforest with the people best placed to protect it. This means placing forest in the hands of the people who rely on its survival for their survival. Cool Earth does just that.


Kids Research at Westmead

Kids Research is committed to better understanding the diseases of childhood and to discover innovative treatments to help children and young people live their healthiest lives. We are the research division of Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, located in Westmead in Sydney's West and Randwick in Sydney's East. Kids Research includes research undertaken by our students, affiliated academic staff and research staff at both of Sydney’s paediatric hospitals, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Our 600 researchers, support staff and students are dedicated to discovering new ways to improve the health of children. Many of our researchers are also clinicians, ensuring our world-leading research is quickly translated into treatments for their young patients. Their research is informed by the situations faced by the kids they treat. Our work comprises three main areas: basic science in the laboratory to understand disease processes in children; clinical research to develop better diagnosis and treatment methods; and population health research to understand the impact of disease in the broader community. We encourage collaboration with our key partners Children's Cancer Institute, Children's Medical Research Institute, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, The University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales, as well as with many other prestigious institutions in Australia and overseas. We are part of Paediatrio, a cooperative joint venture between Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, Children's Cancer Institute, and Children's Medical Research Institute, established to coordinate and integrate paediatric research in Sydney and potentially NSW. We are a member of Sydney Health Partners and the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research & Enterprise (SPHERE), two of the Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres in Australia as recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council for being a world leader in translating research into better health outcomes for our community. We are key partner of the Westmead Research Hub, the largest medical research precinct in NSW.