Team The Captain Cooks

Tim McMaster
Of The Captain Cooks
On the Mongol Rally 2018

Hi Guys, Tim from The Captain Cooks here.

The boys and I are starting to amp up and can't wait to run into you lot! A quick run down of us, I am apparently the appointed the mechanic and in charge of keeping the car alive farther than the driveway, Tom is the team captain in nothing but name, Simon's so tall he'll be driving from the back seat, and Joel's referred to as the poorly made knockoff of a lumberjack by one person.

Together we believe that if we put our minds together there's nothing we can't screw up.

Looking forward to seeing you out there and jump across to our page to flick us a like!





A group of utter pillocks that have decided that a bright idea would be to take part in a rally where we buy a car under £500 and travel 10,000 Miles with an engine no bigger than a small milk bottle and 4 guys that are 6ft and over...... no seriously 6ft, 6ft, 6ft 3in & 6ft 6in.......this could get interesting.

Team Vehicle

A magnificent 2003 Skoda Fabia Estate with the ever reliable 1.2ltr inline 3 engine producing a over powering amount of 63 break horse power!!

The Starship Foundation

The Starship Foundation is a social-profit organisation in New Zealand that raises funds to provide world-class life saving healthcare for the 120,000 young patients that visit the Starship hospital every year! In addition to this they are also a major teaching center that helps to provide family centered care to children and young people throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.


The Cool Earth Foundation

The Cool Earth Foundation is non-profit organisation that works alongside rain forest communities in Papa New Guinea and Peru to help halt deforestation and climate change. They do this by working closely with villages and local experts to better equip the communities to prevent illegal deforestation in their areas. In addition to this they also work with the communities to decide what they need most and how funds are spent – everything from clean water and new classrooms to improved coffee and cacao harvests to help the community even after they foundation has left.