Team The Grand Kingdom of Bristangolia




The UK is leaving the EU. The people of Bristol are being seperated. They’ve had enough. In order to reuinte they decided to form their own sovereign State, The Grand Kingdom of Bristangolia.
Although, despite being in a key port and a growing city, the Grand Kingdom of Bristangolia needs support. It needs a new trade deal.
In order to stay united despite Brexit, Bristangolia is looking for a country that shares the nomadic hedonist shamanist values that Bristol does, and is therefore looking away from the UK, the EU or even the Americas.
Bristangolia found in Mongolia the perfect match and swiped right.
The Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary of Bristangolia have thus made it their mission, the precedent of a new nation, to drive to Mongolia and deliver the drft of their new international partnership first hand.

Jump on the adventure with the messiahs of a new promised nation and drive across the world, from Bristol, UK to Mongolia.

Cool Earth

Cool Earth is a charity that operates within local forest communities to help put the power back where it belongs. In the hands of the people who live there.


Refugee Community Kitchen

RCK serves hot, nourishing meals to displaced people in the UK and in France