Team The Nodding Donkeys

Salauat Nuralyuly
Of The Nodding Donkeys
On the Mongol Rally 2019

First talk about Mongol Rally was on 22nd of February 2018 with my team-mate. Still remember those days... he told me "I wanted to do it a couple of years ago but nobody could spare the time or had the balls!!!"

Were thoughts in my head: I have a spare time... and I have the balls... and finally I'm a best candidate for this stupidity by name Mongol Rally.

After few days Alan told me "I'll see if I can realistically get something organised in the time left. If not - next year?"

We had a thought to take part in 2018 but quit this idea because I've planned to go to Tibet...

And now after it all...we are here... the Nodding Donkeys!!!

...Time counting down day-by-day to the starting date of crazy-stupid Mongol Rally 2019 and we are doing our best to be on time.

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The Ghost Rallier

-=The Nodding Donkeys=-



Couple of misfits addicted to having a good time, hoping to survive crossing half the world in an old Skoda.

Team Vehicle

Sveta the Skoda

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