Team The Slick Pigs

Ellen Shannon
Of The Slick Pigs
On the Mongol Rally 2018

Hi All! 

Pretty shitty that our first post on here is a cry for help but we’ve been super unorganised (Steve has) and were kinda stuck in Iran. Anyone coming near Tabriz that can bring us some Euros or USD?? We can transfer into your bank account...

Anyone who can help could get us on instagram @theslickpigs or email Steve on [email protected]

Many thanks



An Australian couple in pursuit of the outer tolerances of their relationship. One schoolteacher, one medic, two hearts intertwined in the quest for blah blah blah, it sounded like a fun time on the website and the youtube videos really suck you in so here we are doing the mongol rally 2018!

Team Vehicle

The purchase of this little bullet was the culmination of a long day at work, enthusiasm of watching a number of Mongol Rally videos on YouTube, and 9 or 10 pints of courage. Albeit Steve probably didn't need the liquid courage to get the eBay auction over the line, he also didn't need the 2 months of abuse that followed, upon realisation that the 'few little' problems advertised on the auction were actually bigger, more insidious problems that manifested, one after another in increasing order of expense. Anyway - after myriad repairs and creative combination of expletive verse - the Panda is a tidy unit from afar, if not a bit of a lemon underneath the bonnet. More importantly though, it starts when you turn the key, and turns when you pull on the wheel. Anything more is pure luxury.

Scleroderma Australia

Scleroderma Australia supports sufferers of Scleroderma and their families, and research about the disease. My mother has been battling this disease for 17 years and I see the Mongol rally as a way to bring awareness to a somewhat rare condition.