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Peter Dowell

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This is a crazy idea none of us can ever be prepared to undertake. It's a bit like sitting in a dentist's chair then trying to change your mind that you needed your teeth looked at in the first place.

Cool Earth

COOL EARTH IS THE NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION THAT WORKS ALONGSIDE RAINFOREST COMMUNITIES TO HALT DEFORESTATION AND ITS IMPACT ON CLIMATE CHANGE. We take rainforests for granted. We know they are out there somewhere don't we ? But the deforestation of the rainforests isn't going to stop until the rainforest communities have better control. CoolEarth are partnering with rainforest communities to improve quality of life, this enables them to protect their surrounding forests from threats such as commercial logging, commercial agriculture and extractive industries. Since 2007, Cool Earth has worked in all three rainforest biomes – the Congo Basin, Amazonia and Oceania. Each village sets up a bank account and a Community Association to prioritise and deliver the funds to benefit all members. The community decides what they need most and how funds are spent – everything from clean water and a new classroom to improved coffee and cacao harvests. COOL EARTH is making a difference to this hunk of rock we call earth.


Melanoma Institute Australia

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) pioneers advances in melanoma research and treatment that are making a difference to the lives of patients today. They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through innovative, world-class research, treatment and education programs. Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian men, after prostate and bowel cancer, and it accounted for 12% of all new cancers diagnosed in 2017 (estimated). Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian women, after breast and bowel cancer, and it accounted for 9% of all new cancers diagnosed in 2017 (estimated). So no-one is untouchable. We live in a country with an abundance of sunshine and Australians love the outdoor lifestyle. Melanoma could impact your life, so let's find a cure. And the only way to find a cure is to throw money at the cause.