Team The Wild Moose Chase





Driving over 10,000 miles in a shitty car (Fiat Doblo 2003) with zero knowledge of how to fix it... what could possibly go wrong! Please support Mali Gravell, Thea Lumley, Hal Pitman and Jack Parker and follow our journey here. If you feel you want to donate for a good cause click on the link:

Team Vehicle

Fiat Doblo 2003 model AKA Drogon. This absolute trooper has already completed the Mongol Rally once (2017) and is desperate to go again, practically chomping at the bit.

Plastic Oceans

This is a charity that is aiming to "change the world's attitude towards plastic within a generation". The problem of plastic pollution is growing exponentially every year; we are producing more than 300 million tons of plastic, half of this is designed for single use, and each year around 8 million tons of it ends up in our oceans. We can solve this problem and we can do it by educating and engaging everyone in a conversation to rethink plastic. Plastic Oceans is working to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’. Coast line at sunset with sky and water.