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Today 300 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. There aren't many of us, if any at all, that won't know somebody affected by cancer. That's why we are raising funds and awareness to support Territorians impacted by cancer. Please join us in the fight to beat cancer!

The six of us local, loud and proud Territorians are participating in The Adventurists infamous Rickshaw Run, Sri Lanka. Never heard of it? Well it's a week long tyre-tearing adventure across the spectacular scenery of Sri Lanka in two comprehensively terrible 10.5hp rickshaw's that are barely powerful enough to carry themselves. There is no set route or checkpoints to cross, just a start and a finish. The track we take is completely up to us. What could possibly go wrong... well, its bound to be a lot, especially with two couples and a set of sisters on board. This is one sure fire way to find out what we're all really made of!

You can join us on our epic adventure. Donate today for exclusive access to every blow out and blow up via our RIGshaw Runners NT insta page! We might even throw in a few snaps of the great RIGS we currently have kicking around the group...

Cancer Council NT

The Cancer Council Northern Territory is a non-government, charitable, community based organisation committed to raising funds for the purpose of reducing the impact of cancer. It achieves this by providing information and support for people affected by cancer. The Cancer Council Northern Territory is a member of The Cancer Council Australia.