Team UkraineVikings



Our team is "international".
Norwegian and Ukrainian.
We prove the absence of boundaries between people, if they have common views, if they respect each other, if they are ready for creation, and not for war.

Team Vehicle

Ford Fiesta MkII, 1988

"Volunteers: adults for children" / "Волонтеры: взрослые детям"

We are adults. We are different - men and women, businessmen and housewives, materialists and romantics. We live in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and beyond. CHILDREN JOINED US! We are a team of volunteers who provide all possible support to the pupil of several orphan institutions in Kharkiv Region. Our goal is not just to bring sweets and toys to kids, but to give them a holiday, to light their faces with joy, to teach them what we, adults, can do. Although we can’t replace them a mother and father, but we will bring something needed and important to their lives. Our attention and support extremely necessary for these children!