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george is actually a panty sniffer, but don't tell the russians!


2 Time Mongol rally veteran, 3 time rickshaw Pioneer (though one not officially through this lot) mongol rally X participant and upcoming monkey bike Scotland pioneering runner, Felix, is an idiot.
Armed this time with a 2007 49cc 28mph limited twist and go scooter, a ski suit and a bottle of Acid, this man will drive the extremely arduous journey to Henley upon Thames, where he shall meet with his trusted colleague and friend, Chris ‘Boomba’ Clark. A man who has also completed a Mongol rally, made several launch appearances, been a pioneer on the Himalayan Rickshaw run, driven the original Rickshaw run and is now signed up to be one of the first people to attempt the monkey run Scotland.
Here, in Hambledon more precisely, they shall ditch the vespa and mount Chis’s classic vespa powered Tuk Tuk.
The furthest this vehicle has travelled so far has been the local pub.