Team Yak Attack



Shirley and the boys one the move, Shirley is the car, not any car but Subaru Libero/Sumo!

Team Vehicle


Rejaus Lunecko Paramos Fondas

There is a little boy who believes he can be just like any other happy boy around. He believe. And so does his parents. We believe that people who appear like angels on this road to their biggest dream, to have their little boy healthy, will help to make this beautiful dream come true. Little boy's eyes can't see much, ears can't hear fully and lips can't say everything he wants to. But his little heart feels it all. It beats the dream to become just like any other 6 year old around: healthy, happy, not much different from others. Rejus story started the day he was born 9th of November, 2010. Diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome Rejus Luneckas was born with multiple developmental issues: cleft lip and cleft palate; multiple growths on his face and both ears; facial asymmetry; central nervous system, intestinal and both ears pathologies. So far Rejus already undergone 5 major surgeries and is looking into three more, now for his eyes and palate. Surgeries is not being done in his country Lithuania due to its complexity. Parents have to come up with 27,500 USD for the first surgeries which will be performed in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Every dollar helps. Please help little Rejus to have his dream come true. Nothing is too little.

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