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Oh, you want to hear a little something about me? Well, you're in for a treat. To start, I think I am extremely ill prepared for something as rediculous as this rally. Im continuously packing a bag that is evermore looking as though Im going trakking to the jungle and not motorcycling 1/3 the way around the planet. Not only this, but this rally has been a blessing and a welcomed curse for me. I have decided to quit my salaried position in an uncoming company that wants me to stay. If I did I would be guarranteed seemingly endless opportunity in the ways of the corperate world, and I foresee that I would make my parents proud and finally pay off all my loans from Uni...and all this is exactly why Im am choosing to go. One, i would eventually have to cut my hair. Two, I really loath shaving everyday, and in all reality I hate this knowing what Im going to do everyday for the foreseeable future. I don't know if you've taken part in it, but working 10 hr days, five days a week, and getting paid the equivient of a 3rd grade teacher thats been convicted of molestaion is not what I thought I would have to do to make my parents proud. So, again, I have decided to go with the shock and awe campaign. When I told them about it, not only where they frightened and scared for my safety, they cried and immediately began to try to talk me out of it. This, in turn, only made me more interested. Obviously, i have issues. But the closer we get to the rally the more prepared and knowledgable about things, and the more excited I get about life. I have something to plan for, other than retirement. And in all reality I got a little while before I can see myself actually growing up...and its sentences like that that continue to terrorize my family members. Whoops.

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Team of 4-5 mopeds out of Bloomington, Indiana, USA.