Rajan Dharman

Rajan Dharman
Of Rango the Rider
On the Mongol Rally 2023

!! Manduk the Toad is in the house !!  

 Team Name : MANDUK run to Mongolia..'      

Sheng the shot gun said Yes to the Ride   -  Woo Hooo.. The Toad is set to Leap !!!

Virtual Dry Run route..  Looks like we will be skipping Iran considering the strong reviews from earlier riders.

So the Countries/Cities that looks like ideal from our view is as ..below

London, Belgium, Germany, Czhechia, Slovakia, Romania, Istanbul, Azerbaijan, >> cross Caspian by Boat >> Land in Turkmenistan, resume road ride to Uzbeg

Tajik, Kryg, Russia, Mongolia and Ulan Ude.. Closing..    (not sure if i mis-sequenced it..    hey but we are just getting our virtual geography lesson... started :)

##  The one key difference of our team is 

## All of us in the team  are Yogis !!  

## We will be conducting "Free Yoga Classes in Every Country we dirive through "  

## Watch this space for Logistics, Key Timing (local time zone), Pre Requisites for joning the Classes, 

the benefits of the specific Yoga Practice conducted in that location. etc  ##